Mobile allow wheels repairs

Alloy wheel repair services

We can help with any of the following...

» Diamond cutting
» Alloy wheel scuffs
» Alloy wheel scrapes
» Alloy scratches
» Wheel kerb damage
» Alloy corrosion
» Surface bubbles
» Dull / discoloured
» Wheel customization
» Full colour changes

Locking wheel nut removal

Have you lost your locking wheel nut key or maybe you've left it at home but got a puncture or brake problem?
Need to get your wheel off in a hurry?

Don’t panic! If you’re local to Milton Keynes, bring your car to our Salford based garage where we can remove the locking wheel nut for you.

With our specialist kit, there’s zero chance of any damage to your wheel rims. That’s important. We’ve heard far too many horror stories of wheel braces and hammers ruining expensive alloys. With our fast and efficient removal process, we won’t put as much as a scratch on them.

Getting a replacement key from the manufacturer takes time and costs almost as much as a new set. What if you don’t have the time?
Could be you’ve got a flat tyre and are stranded on the roadside or your MOT is due now and that worn tread isn’t going to get through.

Even if you just don’t want the hassle of filling in forms or ringing around to get a replacement key.
Our locking wheel nut removal service is quick and painless.

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